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PUFI is please to present “Heat & Eat”- frozen, delicious meals in a variety of sizes. Whether you are a busy professional who wants a homemade meal for your family, or a food services organization hoping to reduce your food preparation costs, Heat & Eat provides you with a great solution.

Heat & Eat is an easy to prepare food for a self-responsible person. All variety packs provide save daily consumption eaten more than just once a day. It contains real nutrients with all natural premium quality ingredients and an approved freshness. A good sizeable portion to serve for special person who needs more than just enough. It really does for the slight-pocket and active and spirited individual to serves a dish with a gourmet touch. Keep more than just one Heat & Eat in a stash on the fridge and whenever you need to be active just prepare your gourmet dish in no time.

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Variety products that qualified, halal, hygienic and healthy are presented to meet the customer need; for hotel and restaurant industries, caterer needs; with Indonesian, Western, or Asian main course listed for over 300 menus contained chicken, beef , fish, lamb as well as side dishes and condiments.

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